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Bansal - Limited is another venture of the prestigious bansal group. With our well established presence in the multifarious facets of the modern Financial services industry from stock broking to registry services, it is indeed a pleasure for us to make foray into the commodities derivatives market which opens yet another door for us to deliver our service to our beloved customers and the investor public at largemagnis dis.


Commodities market, contrary to the beliefs of many people, has been in existence in India through the ages. However the recent attempt by the Government to permit Multi-commodity National levels exchanges has indeed given it, a shot in the arm. As a result two exchanges Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity and derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) have come into being. These exchanges, by virtue of their high profile promoters and stakeholders, bundle in themselves, online trading facilities, robust surveillance measures and a hassle-free settlement system. The futures contracts available on a wide spectrum of commodities like Gold, Silver, Cotton, Steel, Soya oil, Soya beans, Wheat, Sugar, Chana etc., provide excellent opportunities for hedging the risks of the farmers, importers, exporters, traders and large scale consumers. They also make open an avenue for quality investments in precious metals. The commodities market, as it is not affected by the movements of the stock market or debt market provides tremendous opportunities for better diversification of risk. Realizing this fact, even mutual funds are contemplating of entering into this market.